Magnetic Charging Dock DK30 For Xperia Z Ultra


Magnetic connector

An innovative magnetic connector enables you to place your phone snugly in the dock using one hand. The magnet steers the phone charging port to the dock charging connector and makes the connection.


Adapters in kit

Interchangeable inserts in the kit make it possible to use this dock with your Xperia Z Ultra with its cover or without.



While your phone is charging, it stands at a comfortable viewing angle. You can be checking messages, browsing content. Your Xperia Z Ultra is stable and secure in its dedicated charging dock.


60 x 46 x 21 mm


Including cable: 82.5 grams
Excluding cable: 63.7 grams

Kit contents

Magnetic Charging Dock DK30
Charging Cable with Magnetic Connector EC21
2 x adapters (for Xperia Z Ultra with/without cover)
User guide

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