Rainy day tip: Protect your ‎Samsung ‎GALAXY by using a Bluetooth Handset during the rain!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is undeniably the most powerful Android smartphone available in the market in terms of hardware. It’s got a great camera if you discount the low-light shots, and it runs the latest version of Android. All this along with the gorgeous Super-AMOLED HD screen makes the Galaxy S4 a great package.


It’s also ahead of the competition if you consider synthetic benchmarks.

Having said that, we’re not really impressed with the sensor based motion and air gestures that are one of the USPs of the phone and found them to be a gimmick to pull potential customers and give them another reason to pick it up over other options. We’re sure you’ll not be using them when you’re in a crunch situation and just need to get work done. In fact, you’ll be better off disabling them.

Samsung has priced the phone well, keeping in consideration the pricing of some of the recently launched flagships including the HTC One, its direct competitor, which, unfortunately, is still not available in the market at the time of writing this, despite the company having announced it weeks before the Galaxy S4.

We prefer the One over the Galaxy S4 when it comes to design, build quality and the materials used in the construction of the phone. But without any marketing push and retail presence, it looks like the One is already lagging behind as far as capturing the market is concerned.

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