Babies prefer iOS 6, get confused with iOS 7

In a bizarre video featuring a baby, Apple’s mobile OS of the present and future are vying for the baby’s hands. Which one gets the drooling one’s love?

Ever wondered what babies feel about mobile technology? Sure, they love to drop off their drool (sigh) all over your tablets and other stuff, but the truth is, that 7 pound mass of goo-goos and gaa-gaas is smarter than you think. Smart enough that it can decide for itself which operating system it loves more. Have a look:

While iOS 6 seems to be the OS that the baby was born and bred to use since day 1 when it first breathed on Earth, Apple’s new iOS 7 throws the baby into utter confusion (look at the poor kid’s face!). While we hardly think that this will change any of you parent’s buying decisions (as you’ll not be gifting your baby an iPhone anytime soon), it might just be that you’re more inclined on upgrading to iOS 7 or on buying the next iPhone 5S, just so that your child leaves your phone alone.

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