Check out the budget Apple iPhone hands-on image gallery


While it might look too good to be true, a new video by tech blog allegedly shows off the budget iPhone, and at first glance, we are forced to believe that it is indeed the real deal.

Not a week passes by that we don’t see tons of new budget iPhone related rumors, leaks and reports. Well, here’s another one for this week. A tech blog, has posted a video that allegedly shows off the budget iPhone, and it looks real too. Either that or this is an extremely polished representation. Somehow, we are more inclined (or rather, want to be more inclined) to believe the former.

While we are still not buying this a 100%, the attention to detail and the barrage of photos on the website force us to believe otherwise. If there be one more budget iPhone related leak that shows an identical device, call this as the confirmed device. Until then? Sigh… We wait.

Apple’s budget iPhone will reportedly pack specifications that are a mix of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Budget-Apple-iPhone-hands-on-7 Budget-Apple-iPhone-hands-on-8

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