Apple iPhone 5 shipping with iOS 7 in India

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Apple iPhone 5 running on the beta version of iOS 7 is now available in India

As we all are aware that the Apple iPhone 5 is set to receive full iOS 7 experience when it is officially launched. The much-awaited iteration, is however available as a developer beta and we had showed you last week the DIY route to downloading and installing the iOS 7 on your iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

However according to the latest news you can actually get your hands on a  iPhone 5 running on iOS 7 in India. The latest update brings a series of exciting new features to the device which includes new icons, iTunes Radio, Paralax effect, AirDrop, new version of Safari, Siri voices and App Store UI among others.

Indian retailer, iCentre India (via TFS) is apparently selling the iPhone 5 with the beta version of iOS 7 installed for additional Rs 1000 while the update preinstalled on an iPad costs Rs 1,150. Well you can always buy a new iPhone 5 and install the iOS 7 beta version using the DIY route (instructions below)

The latest iOS 7 beta 2 version was released earlier last week which fixes bugs noticed in iOS 7 first beta version. According to the latest rumors Apple will launch the iOS 7 beta 3 version on July 8th.

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*To install iOS 7 on your iphone 5 follow the steps before:

Warning: Just like any other beta product, the iOS 7 beta preview has its share of risks which includes crashes, bugs, the chance of losing data or even having your device bricked. Don’t attempt if you don’t understand the risks.

1. First most importantly, back up your device.

2. Now head to the Apple Developer Program and sign up. As you would expect the site is in demand and can be really slow at times, so be patient while it loads or better still head back after 2-3 days.

3. As we mentioned above the iOS 7 beta is not free and signing up for the Apple Developer Program will cost you $99 for a year. Once you are in, head to the iOS Developer section and look for the iOS 7 section.

4. Make sure you have your device’s UDID registered in the Developer Center before you start installing the iOS 7 beta.

5. The next step is to download the right version of the iOS 7 beta for the iPhone 5 you have.

6. Now you need to download the latest version of iTunes  which you can get from here:

7. Now you need to open the .dmg file and extract the iOS beta file. Just look for the file which ends with ‘.ipsw.’

8. Once the download is complete, connect your device to a computer and fire up iTunes.

9. Now simply tap on the ‘iPhone’ button in iTunes, which brings up your device’s stats.  Make sure that you have your device backed up here – that’s very important.

10. Now you need to hold the ‘Option’ button and then hit the ‘Restore iPhone’ button.

11. You will see that you are provided with a file chooser window. At this point you need to make a selection. Pick the iOS 7 beta file you just downloaded.

12. Within 10 odd minutes you should be looking at the latest iOS 7 version on your iPhone 4S.

Well if you follow through the steps, do share your experience of the new iOS 7 with us below.

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