ZEN Ultrafone 501

ZEN mobile

Enter into your world of movies, videos, games and much more on a 10.1 cms IPS capacitive touch screen. The precision engineered screen brings the colors alive and sends you right into the action.
Why settle with just fast, when you can be ultrafast with the 1 GHz Dual Core processor. Experience the thrill with the ultrafast gaming, browsing and exciting applications. Switch lag free between work & entertainment and customize your life your way.
You will never miss a chance to capture your memories in ultimate clarity with the 5 Megapixels flash camera, enabled with digital zoom. Enjoy clear video calling experience with 1.3 MP front camera and be with your friends and family, anytime.
Android 4.1, Jelly Bean with the evolved user interface, takes your technology experience to an entire different vertical. Explore the amazing world of apps, games and lot more, with the evolved media technology to stay ahead.
The uninterrupted high speed 3G connectivity keeps you connected with your friends and lets you groove in your cyber world of entertainment, all day long. Surf the web in blazing fast speed with the amazing quality WI-FI. Download apps, watch videos, play games and do everything at the blink of an eye.
Go more places in life, have more stories to share. The intuitive navigation helps you understand the unfamiliar roads better and takes you to the destination, hassle free. This prime quality navigation device is a boon for those who love to explore the beyond and create their own way.

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