Redmi 8 : 25 days standby, 5000 mAh battery champion

5000 mAh high-capacity battery

Super-long standby time of up to 25 days. 25% increase in battery capacity compared to previous generation, 3 days’ normal use on a single charge

6.22” 19:9 HD+ Dot Drop display Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Offers powerful drop and wear resistance, to ensure long-lasting quality

Low blue light display gives your eyes more protection

The low blue light display can effectively reduce harmful blue light by 20%.
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  • Qualcomm® Snapdragon octa-core processor
  • Smoother experience and faster responses to your demands
  • Fingerprint recognition + AI face unlock Unlock either way, safer and faster
  • Large-capacity speaker, large volume A “Bluetooth speaker” in your pocket
  • Wireless FM radio without cumbersome headphone cables Enjoy music while climbing
  • All-round splash-proof nano-coating for daily activities Safe and sound for a few raindrops
  • IR remote control Control your home appliances with your phone
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