Nokia 2.2 : Get ahead with AI innovations

It just keeps getting better

Nokia 2.2 is an Android One certified phone with no clutter or third-party software holding you back. And with an AI that learns how you use your phone, you’ve got an Android experience that feels pure and personal.

Get help on the go or at home, with just one tap

Life at a seriously fast pace is here with the Google Assistant Button1. Ask questions, see your schedule or even dim the lights. Your Assistant even learns on the job the more you use it. So you can do more with your life, by doing less with your phone.

See better in the dark

Night-time is your new friend with a 13 MP rear camera that uses advanced low-light imaging. Wherever the evening takes you, capture better photos along the way.

High quality. Amazing design.

Designed in Europe, your phone is built to live up to the highest standards of quality. Comprised of a solid polycarbonate body and with a high gloss finish, it’s beauty and strength, working in perfect harmony.

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