The pro-grade, six-camera array on the Samsung Galaxy Fold makes every angle epic. It’s everything you need to get professional quality photos, even if you are not a pro.

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A breakthrough six-camera array to capture the impossible
Upper half of two folded Galaxy Folds, one seen from the rear and one seen from the front, against a black and white type treatment that says Fold.

Take epic photos, no matter how you hold it
Upper half of two unfolded Galaxy Folds, one seen from the rear and one seen from the front to show the location of the six cameras. On the front display is 10MP Selfie Camera and 8MP RGB Depth Camera. On the rear is 12MP Telephoto Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera, and 16MP Ultra Wide Camera. On the cover is 10MP Selfie Camera.

The phone that lets you capture the wider world
Telephoto, Wide-angle, and Ultra Wide Cameras define your vision.

Easily snapshot breathtaking landscapes or zoom in to get up close. Swap between the 16MP Ultra Wide Camera or the 12MP Wide-angle and Telephoto Cameras to broaden or narrow your focus with a tap.

Unfold for a display that doubles as a massive camera viewfinder and lets you preview the whole scene as you’ll capture it. With its 4:3 display ratio, the 18.51cm(7.3″) main display shows you exactly what Galaxy Fold’s 4:3 camera sensor sees.1
Galaxy Fold, unfolded in landscape mode with a photo taken on Galaxy Fold of a seascape with rock formations in the water on-screen, with the Camera GUI on top.

The Ultra Wide Camera offers a greater perspective with its 123 degree field of vision. Snapping more in one frame, both horizontally and vertically, you can photograph sweeping panoramas with ease.
Ultra Wide Panorama photo taken on Galaxy Fold of a hilly landscape with a lake in the middle surrounded by rock formations, against a blue sky with clouds.

Scene Optimizer is powered by the intelligent NPU to better recognize 30 popular subjects. When it detects the subject, it automatically adjusts camera settings for a better picture. Plus, Flaw Detection alerts you to flaws in the resulting photo.2, 3, 4

Photo taken on Galaxy Fold of a person sitting against a white wall on a white bench. An animated swipe shows how Scene Optimizer enhances the colour and tone.

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