Apple iPhone X review: Does Apple’s expensive, fragile beauty still stand up to its rivals?

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The iPhone X – pronounced iPhone “Ten” – is the expensive flagship handset Apple developed to mark the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone and it’s startlingly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Yet labeling the iPhone X as little more than a look at what Samsung is doing in the smartphone space is a little unfair. Apple may not have invented the technologies it lays claim to, but it has been instrumental in bringing many to the mainstream.

Of course, Apple hasn’t always been at the forefront of tech – it added NFC long after Android phones and is jumping on the AR bandwagon more than a year since Pokémon GO’s peak – but it has the uncanny knack of waiting until consumers are ready to embrace these changes, rather than getting ahead of them. And this is exactly what it’s done with the iPhone X.

As you’ll read below, the iPhone X is the best iPhone ever made, but there is a catch. We’re reluctant to recommend anyone spend £1,000 on a phone and our list of flaws will reveal why. In a similar vein, Consumer Reports recently published its full breakdown of its iPhone X tests and it’s a mixed bag of results. Firstly, the iPhone X did not beat its predecessor, the iPhone 8, during the rigorous review process. The iPhone X’s battery life and strength were called into question and its price was a major sticking point for the company.

In the initial drop test, the iPhone X performed “just fine”, and it surived four falls onto a concrete surface from a height of 5 feet. However, using a tumbling machine, which includes a rotating chamber that repeatedly drops a phone from a height of about 2.5 feet, the phone fared less well. After 100 tumbles, the glass on the rear of the phone significantly cracked. The screens stopped working properly after 50 drops.

However, Consumer Reports did praise the iPhone X’s fantastic display (which we’re in agreement with), and its camera is top notch. Despite its criticisms, the iPhone X did make the list of the top 10 smartphones on the market – so it’s not all bad.

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