Redmi 5 First Impressions: Yet Another Winner for Xiaomi?

Redmi 5 Available Now Only In Mi Preferred Partner Idris Electronics Raipur

Ergonomically curved body

18:9 Full screen display

The 14.4cm(5.7) display with rounded corner design
gives an ergonomically curved for better hand feel.
Turn on the display, delight your world.

Enhanced gaming experience
Wider view, better performance

See more with the all new 18:9 display

Smooth gaming experience
14nm Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 450 octa-core processor

Experience smoother gaming acceleration with low power consumption

3300mAh large battery

Up to 31 days of standby time

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 450 octa-core processor
with 14nm FinFET technology;
coupled with MIUI 9 system level optimisations enables
low power consumption for a longer battery life.

Amazing photo quality

Large 1.25μm pixels

12MP high quality camera.
Capture great photos in different lighting conditions

Clear shots in low light conditions

LED Selfie-light

Gorgeous portraits with automatically
enhanced facial features using Beautify 3.0

Experience more. Experience it faster.

MIUI 9 Lightning fast


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