Google Pixel and Pixel XL: Everything you need to know about the new Nexus replacements

Google Pixel and Pixel XL : Coming Soon Only In Google Authorised Dealer Idris Electronics Raipur


Since 2010 Google has been pumping out Nexus phones every year in partnership with various manufacturers, but 2016 looks set to shake things up. This year we’re expecting the very first Pixel phone…

Good question! Before now, Google has released a Nexus phone every year. The Nexus range has long been the Big G’s blueprint for Android devices, often running the latest software, with decent hardware, at a reasonable price.

But 2016’s release looks different – enter the Pixel.

While it will no doubt come running the latest software, the Pixel is expected to be a more premium handset with top specs and a slick design. It should be the ultimate Android smartphone, without price getting in the way.

We’re expecting two phones, the Pixel and Pixel XL.

The smart money is on HTC, the Taiwanese company that was responsible for the very first Nexus One in 2010 (as well as the Nexus 9 tablet more recently). HTC has two Google phones in development, codenamed Marlin and Sailfish, and benchmarks from these devices have already been spotted on the web.

That said, a throwaway remark from an executive at Huawei has led some to believe that the maker of last year’s Nexus 6P is back for more in 2016.

Whether this means HTC and Huawei are splitting the duties, or HTC is releasing two new Pixel phones and Huawei is just bringing out an updated version of the Nexus with better specs, remains to be seen.

It seems Google will be playing a much greater role in hardware design than previous smartphones. HTC may be more of a contractor than a partner – this is be seen in the madebygoogle hashtag the company is using.

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